Ron DeSantis reveals what keeps him in 'game shape'

Ron DeSantis reveals what keeps him in 'game shape'

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ physical appearance continues to be lauded by friendly interviewers, who want to know his secret.

During “Fox & Friends,” DeSantis interviewer Brian Kilmeade enthused about the Florida Governor being in “game shape” and asking if “athletic training” was the reason why.

The Governor’s take? The best workout is raising his three children.

“Just chasing after them, I think my wife and I have found, has been a lot,” DeSantis said. “You know, when you had the two, it was the man-to-man defense. Now we’re in the zone defense and our 3-year-old is very mobile, very opinionated. She has a mind of her own. So we have fun with it, but it’s a lot of work.”

Kilmeade alluded to the mov...

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