Ron DeSantis complains about 'aggressive' Mike Pence

Ron DeSantis complains about 'aggressive' Mike Pence

The Republican Presidential Debate is now past, but participants still hold forth about what happened.

On Thursday, Ron DeSantis complained about the style of former Vice President Mike Pence, who got the most speaking time by challenging Vivek Ramaswamy and even DeSantis (once).

“He was aggressive and interrupting and getting involved and doing that, which is fine,” DeSantis said on Thursday’s Brian Kilmeade Show.

“I saw a little bit of the cross chatter that was happening among some of the other candidates,” DeSantis said. “You always want as much time as possible because that’s exposure you’re getting.”

“But my view would be, ‘OK, of the time you get, how much of it is really good time be...

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